Oh Yes!


Oh yes! Something extra ordinary just happened. You know what? I started to love myself the way I never did before and guess what? I have never felt the heart this kind of light and the soul would come and whisper, THIS IS YOU BABY. Carefree, happy more importantly, you have that one thing no one can snatch from you; Your golden heart filled with love for others.

In the midst of life chaos, I happened to lose my own identity. I started to lose myself slowly. The mind and heart would conflict with each other and this caused a rejection to my whole body UNTIL one fine day I just woke up with something so positive. After a month of devotion, all I had was patience to bear its fruits. And! Just one fine day, I started smiling again by myself. You know why? I just got a click. Hey! Listen! I am guilt free. I am regret free. Then do I deserve to hurt myself this much?

Why does a heart pain? 

We feel heart broken when we lose someone we loved or wanted very much. But let’s ask us the question. Does that someone/everything love us back the much we do? Are they really affected by your absence? Are they really heartbroken the way you are? Do they still look for you in the crowds? Would they even care if something happens to you? Unfortunately, you’ll never forget that moment when everything came crashing down and you felt like someone was choking you. But eventually let’s find the easiest way to get over all this. We had love. Why ignite hatred? No! sometimes we choose the hardest way just because we feel to achieve the most important things in life, we need to go through the most difficult struggles. Why don’t we just choose the simplest way? Try it. Own experienced. It is fruitful. Don’t hate anyone. Don’t look for reasons that will make you feel stupid for losing them. Don’t focus on what they are up to. Focus on what you can do. Focus on what wonders you can offer your heart. This is your journey. Just know one thing. “Don’t let your past blackmail your present, to ruin a wonderful future”

Today as I woke up, there was a different kind of positive energy around. Because I have learnt you cannot change the people around you But you can change the people around you. And I found this so deep to relate to it. I made up my mind if someone slams his door on your face, just turn around, a better door is being opened and is ready to welcome you with open arms. The welcome I am receiving from other doors are so big and so so warm that the slammed door is no longer a need for me. I decided to hate none. I decided to talk to anyone who needs my voice. I decided not to ignore people who love me. I decided to give love back to my humans. I decided to give everyone a chance to stay in my life. I decided to take a stand for myself. I decided to forget things which have caused me pain. I decided to live with memories and to create even better ones. Finally, I decided to be ME. I decided I make my own happiness. So here I am! Singing, shouting, cooking, playing, talking…

Remember love yourself and you will see the right person will automatically make you fall in love with yourself more. 

In order to find the kind of relationship you deserve, you need to think better of yourself. You need to realize how valuable your heart is. You need to stop looking for someone who is willing to put up with you and start searching for someone who is thrilled they’ve gotten the chance to get to know you.

Thus, to sum up, I would not say forgive. All I would say is take it as a lesson. As long as you have no guilt in your heart, you are victorious. Leave the guilt to the person who has broken you. The day he is able to forgive himself for what he did to you will be the day you will be accepting his apology from a sincere heart (whether he asked or not).

The day you know who you are, what others think or rumour about you will no longer matter. Relationships, be it whichever, couple, siblings, friendship, parents or any else, are very delicate. Handle them with softness. If you see a crack, glue it. If you see it broken, mend it. If you see it gone into pieces, try to fix it, and if not fixed, recycle it. 

Weak people throw away valuable things because they fear they are incapable of doing it the right way. But, We! We are strong. We might go weak for a while, but we come up stronger because we have always believed in giving ourself another chance. 

Things will always last as long as you take care.

Loads of love,


P.s (some of my words are influenced from a movie called “Dear Zindagi”, If you’ve not watched it, do so asap. One of the bests I have ever seen)

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