Which one are you?

For the past weeks, i have witnessed tragedy in many of my dear ones’ lives. I have seen hearts being broken, hearts being mended after broken. I tried to be there for people who really deserve my concern and i also kicked out those who selfishly use my kindness when it deems them fit.

I tried to link all those stories altogether to have a clearer picture in my mind trying to find an answer why does this tragedy called “heartbreak” happen to people?

There are two types of people. First ones are those who really suffer. Second ones are those who pretend to suffer. The similarity between these two is that they both do suffer. The difference is that one suffers because the heart has been pained badly and the other one suffers much later when the first one has started to be okay. The first one tries hard to relieve this excruciating pain leaving all odds behind hoping to get out of this mess, however when this happens, the second one starts to suffer. He suffers thinking how come he is out of the pain i gave him? I need to inflict more pain on him before he gets well.

The first type of people are those who have been sincere DEVOTING their all to something/someone selflessly; they loved! The second ones are those who have as well INVESTED their time in something/someone only till they would find a bigger investment ahead. They do not love! They deal.
The worst thing about life is that, we will end up by seeing these two categories of people together where one struggles to get better and the other one lives his best life but then later does struggle as well to make the first one’s worse.

Both are struggling in a way, but the difference is clear.
There is nothing greater than the mercy of The Almighty. Yesterday might have not been yours, but today is always the time to stand up strong. Happiness often sneaks in through a door you didn’t know you left open. Hope exists. Love exists. All you need is a positive will, a determined goal, a motivating surrounding and His blessings.

To all my friends from the first category,
loads of love,
Aisha ❤

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Just converting my thoughts into words. Hope you enjoy it :)

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